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When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.

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Steve Schneider's Practice Specialties 

Real Estate LAW

Mr. Schneider’s real estate law practice covers a broad range of legal issues including complex real estate closings and financing; foreclosures and real estate contract forfeitures; boundary line disputes; easements; adverse possession and real estate development while representing residential, commercial and retail clients.

Co-ownership of real property during a divorce or business dissolution, or due to inheritance, can present unique challenges requiring expertise and creativity to resolve. Real estate problems often involve a family’s most important asset, the family home. A free consultation can usually help bring these problems into focus and plan a course of action forward.

Landlord/Tenant LAW

A special segment of law involves relations between landlords and tenants. Mr. Schneider represents residential landlords, commercial landlords, and commercial tenants with evictions, drafting leases, lease negotiations, and breach of lease disputes. Unfortunately Mr. Schneider's practice does not extend to residential tenants.

For landlords of residential properties, most residential evictions can be handled on an economical flat fee basis and many are resolved quickly by mediation and negotiation. If a tenant has damaged your property, failed to pay rent, or has sublet without your permission, attorney Steven Schneider can help you to regain possession and recover the damages. He can also help you to give proper pre-eviction notices and defend against counterclaims and discrimination complaints from tenants.

Commercial landlords who rent property to businesses and business tenants need representation as to their rights and remedies under often complex commercial leases. Issues arise with commercial property that are not present in a residential eviction action, such as landlord's lien for rent, bank financing secured by furniture, equipment and fixtures, assignments, and breach of parking, and other agreements. Mr. Schneider can help resolve these matters and get you back to your regular course of business.


Drafting, reviewing, interpreting and enforcing contracts, especially secured transactions and business contracts, is essential to making wise decisions and preserving rights.  When entering into a major life decision such as buying a house or business, starting a partnership or corporation or contracting to provide services, a short document review by an attorney can save much expense and loss later.

Business Law

Generally, business law includes the formation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies as well as drafting necessary corporate bylaws, minutes, buy-sell agreements and contracts needed for the operation of a business. Mr. Schneider provides comprehensive legal solutions for startups, non-profits, mergers and acquisitions. Decisions about incorporating or forming an LLC can be complex. Mr. Schneider can help you solve legal details so you can get back to the business you know best. 

Business disputes occur for a variety of different reasons. At the law office of Steven Schneider our focus and goal is to resolve your legal disputes in the shortest time possible, and in the most economical fashion to save you time and money. Informal dispute resolution is used whenever possible. If your dispute cannot be solved through informal business dispute resolution methods, Mr. Schneider is prepared to take the dispute to court.

Most businesses have to collect delinquent accounts at some point. Mr. Schneider can advise you as to the most cost effective methods to collect such debts, including negotiation, mediation, lawsuits, wage and bank account garnishments, liens on real estate and personal property and court ordered debtor examinations.

Estate Planning and Probate

A Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Community Property Agreement and Directive to Physician are essential to getting your affairs in order before there is a need. Probate proceedings, including Washington’s simplified administration without court intervention and dispute resolution under the Trusts and Estates Dispute Resolution Act, are effective tools for the efficient handling of property transfer after a death. 

If you are an heir or beneficiary, or a Personal Representative under a Will, Mr. Schneider can help you safely navigate the liabilities and pitfalls of the probate process.


For individual consumers that are overwhelmed with seemingly insurmountable debt, debt settlement is an alternative to get relief from this debt. Also known as a debt workout, debt negotiation or debt arbitration, debt settlement is the process of negotiation with creditors to reduce the total balance due. Through a debt settlement you will end up paying much less than due while avoiding bankruptcy. Typically, these debts can be settled with a one-time lump sum payment or over a shorter term payment with an initial amount down on the settled amount.

Collection agencies and junk debt collectors can be aggressive and frightening to the honest debtor. Many of these agencies try to collect debts that may be not even be collectible because of incomplete records or expiration of statutes of limitation.  Many debts are bought in bulk by junk debt collectors and, if valid, can be settled for cents on the dollar. Mr. Schneider can help to stop the collection calls and settle the matter giving you valuable peace of mind.



Because we help people file for bankruptcy protection we are classified as a debt relief agency under the United States Code.  We can help you through Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies, bankruptcy litigation and non-bankruptcy workouts and negotiation of reduced payoff of debts.


Most of the lawsuits that are filed in court are settled out of court.  Superior Court judges have up to twelve cases set for trial on any given day. This means that most cases are being resolved by alternate dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, arbitration and mediation. Mediation allows the parties to settle their own dispute with the help of a neutral mediator.  Mr. Schneider has completed intensive seminar training as a mediator at Pepperdine University School of Law and uses mediation techniques as an advocate and as a neutral mediator.

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