Spokane Bankruptcy Attorney Sings Country Songs

How is Bankruptcy Like a Country Song Played Backwards?

You get your house back, your truck back, your money back, your dog back……

Bankruptcy is not just a last resort for the hopelessly indebted. In fact, bankruptcy is a right given to U.S. citizens in Section 8 of the Constitution, since 1787. Bankruptcy is as American as apple pie and country music. The intent of the bankruptcy laws, as stated by Congress, is to give debtors a “fresh start.” Bankruptcy also provides a predictable way for bad debts to be written off by businesses and for debt free consumers to once again participate in the economy and pay taxes. And bankruptcy is not just for cancelling debts and liquidation of assets. It is possible to keep a house while paying back payments over time. The same is true for a vehicle.

In some cases, a good lawyer can get the auto debt reduced to the actual value of the vehicle and lower the monthly payments required to keep the vehicle. Wages that have been garnished may also be retrieved. You can even get your suspended driver’s license back by paying traffic fines through a Chapter 13 Plan. To sum it up, you could get your house, car, garnished wages, suspended drivers license back and a fresh start by calling an experienced Spokane Bankruptcy Attorney. 

Being relieved of high monthly credit card payments as well as collection agency calls can get you your life back. All of this will improve your quality of life, help you sleep at night, and give you a brighter, more optimistic personality.  Like Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton.  As a Spokane Bankruptcy Attorney, I see good people—just like you— get good results every day.

Spokane Bankruptcy Attorney girl guitar country

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