Affordable Legal Services for Christmas

Gift Certificates for Legal Services?

This may sound like a crazy idea at Christmas but we all know people (all year long) that could use a half hour with an attorney to gain peace of mind and a path forward in their lives. This may be a compassionate gift for someone in need and could at least start the process without a heavy handed “intervention.”

It has been documented, and we see this in practice, that people wait until after the holidays to make big personal decisions like bankruptcy, separation and divorce as well as whether or not to sue over a business deal.  It is also true that when the Christmas bills come in January, the financial situation of a family becomes apparent.

Legal Services as a Christmas Gift

Legal Services in an Hour or Less Can Provide a Lot of Information

Typical uses for such pre-paid services are bankruptcy, collection defense, foreclosure defense, garnishments, family law matters including anti-harassment orders and changes in child custody and support and even small business matters like lease defaults, creditor liens and contract disputes. A short visit with an experienced attorney on any of these issues will cost between $125.00 and $250.00 and provide a lot of information that will help the client understand their current problem and make a plan to resolve matters.

Prepaid Legal Services for Christmas, What You Need to Know

There are some issues for attorneys in providing such “prepaid legal services” but these are not unusual.  Whenever someone other than the client  pays for legal services the confidential attorney-client relationship is created with the client, not the person who pays.  This means that the person who pays for the services may not be able to monitor how the services are used directly. A person receiving such a gift however, may be more likely to use it if it is confidential.

While prepaid legal services may not be a suitable gift to find under the tree, it may be a welcome and compassionate alternative.

Contact Steven Schneider at: (509) 838-4458 to discuss the particular legal situation of the person you have in mind to receive such a gift.  He can give you an overview of solutions and costs that can help with your loved one’s legal problem.


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