Spokane Junk Debt Collectors

Spokane Debtors and Cach, LLC

(Cach, LLC and other Spokane Junk Debt Collectors are serving Spokane debtors with unfiled lawsuits, many of which cannot be collected in court unless you ignore the lawsuit.)

In the past two months Cach, LLC has filed a total of 22 collection lawsuits in Spokane County Superior Court. That is just the tip of the iceberg. As you will learn below, Junk Debt Collectors make their money on unfiled lawsuits.

Spokane Junk Debt Collectors

Cach, LLC is one of many Junk Debt Collectors that take assignments of debt in bulk paying pennies on the dollar for the chance of collecting less than the full amount of the debt.  There are hundreds of lawsuits filed in Spokane County alone that are the work of Junk Debt Collectors.

How Junk Debt Collectors Work

Typically, Junk Debt Collectors will serve the Summons and Complaint but not file the paperwork in court. This saves them the $240.00 filing fee and attorney time, so you can see that their profit margin is low to begin with.  Junk debts are likely to be handled by law firms outside of Spokane County, and often in other states.  Again, you can see that this factor means they are highly motivated to settle without actually going to court. Many junk debts also lack sufficient documentation or are beyond the statute of limitations.  This  means that although the debts could not be collected in court, the collectors are counting on you voluntarily paying to get them off your back.  If you make even one payment on an uncollectible debt, the statute of limitations starts running all over again from the date of that payment.

Ignoring The Summons and Complaint

If you ignore the Summons and Complaint, then the collector will obtain a judgment against you by default.  That judgment will be in the full amount of the original debt; jackpot for the collector! All of a sudden you have an enforceable judgment against you that is good for at least 10 years of garnishments and property seizures. Your negotiating leverage has disappeared.

 Help for those in Spokane Junk Debt CollectorsWhat You Should Do You Are Served

If you are served with a collection Summons and Complaint, filed or unfiled, call an attorney who can efficiently deal with the problem. Don’t wait, in as little as twenty days you could be a judgment debtor.  Steven Schneider, Attorney at Law, P.S.